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Migrants Sew Mouths Shut in Protest at U.S. Border


Migrants Sew Mouths Shut in Protest at U.S. Border

Migrants Sew Mouths Shut in Protest at U.S. BorderOn Tuesday, February 15, a dozen undocumented migrants started a protest hoping the Mexican government appeals their decision of denying them entry. Over the past two months it seems thousands have been trying to seek asylum in America. But without legal immigration help, many are unable to see their way through.

Multiple news outlets reported the photos taken by Reuters. According to the New York Post, Central and Southern Americans gathered to seal their mouths with plastic thread at the border. They hope the National Migration Institute will notice, and see they are human beings. There was a small opening for protesters to drink as needed.

Each is protesting collectively and individually. For one protester, it’s to gain recognition for the inhumane treatment from the Mexican government. “I’m doing it for my daughter,” Yorgelis Rivera (Venezuelan) said, according to the New York Post. “She has not eaten anything in the last few hours and I see no solution…from the authorities. We are prisoners here.”

What Can Migrants Expect?

It’s unclear what will happen in the next few days. This is not the first time migrants have spent months in Tapachula, Mexico. The city receives over 100 applicants daily – if not more.

The National Migration Institute has taken notice of the protest. They are working to provide a much-needed solution. Sources report they find these drastic measures worrying.

Until Mexico’s migration agency allows them through, many might try to find an alternative route to the U.S. border. Unfortunately, others might turn to an immigrant smuggler for an easier solution. Even then, an immigration lawyer would advise you to apply for a visa to the U.S.

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